We continue to proudly offer the highest quality and most technologically advanced reporting and litigation support services available in the United States.

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Deposition Services

Certified Court Reporters

Being in the business for a combined total of over 75 years, Ben Hyatt has long established relationships with the highest quality court reporters available.

Real-time Reporting

You can connect directly to a live feed from the court reporter's equipment, which allows you to scroll through, mark, and annotate testimony as it happens.

Rough Transcripts

Obtain a rough electronic version of the testimony at the conclusion of each day's proceedings so you can have a head start in your preparations for upcoming depositions.

Remote Access Reporting

Save time and travel costs by streaming a transcript in real-time to a remote location so attorneys, paralegals, and experts can virtually attend the deposition.

Full Text Transcripts

In addition to your bound transcript, Ben Hyatt can customize the format of your electronic version to accommodate the needs of your litigation-management software.

Condensed Transcripts

We provide you with a condensed transcript in your choice of multi-pages per sheet with a word index.

E-Transcript / ASCII Disks

Receive your transcripts via secured, encrypted electronic delivery, complete with a condensed transcript, a word index, and word-search capabilities.  Click here to download the E-Transcript viewer.

Electronic Transcripts with Hyperlinked Exhibits

Access your exhibits by clicking on hyperlinks in the electronic transcript that lead directly to the exhibits' scanned images.

Video Services

Legal Videography

Display witnesses' demeanor at trial and preserve testimony by videotaping depositions.  We can record to any source format.

Video/Text Synchronization

By synchronizing the video to the transcript, we create a searchable video. With a synched video, you simply type in the keyword, page, or line you’re looking for, and you’ll instantly see that part of the testimony.

Our video services include video depositions, site inspections, and day-in-the-life documentaries. Post-production services include video editing, DVD-ROM digitization, and video-text synchronization.

Litigation Services

Searchable Document Repository

Search through all transcripts, exhibits, and documents that have been uploaded to our custom-built, secure online repository.

Trial Presentation Services

Ben Hyatt's full suite of products are all geared toward enabling you to present your case theory to a judge and jury through trial presentation software such as Sanction or Trial Director. Our professional trial consultants will work with you and your litigation team to develop the most compelling presentation possible, maximizing your chances for success at trial.

  • Translation & Interpretation
  • Transcription Services
  • Video Trial Presentations
  • Digital Video Conversion & Synchronization

Other Services

Complete On-Line Account Management

Log into your Ben Hyatt account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule your depositions, review your account or check your calendar.

Video Teleconferencing

Save time and reduce travel costs by conducting depositions and meetings via video teleconference anywhere worldwide.

Exhibit, Transcript and Video Archival

As part of our disaster-recovery program, we scan and store transcripts and exhibits on our servers.  We can duplicate any transcript, video, or exhibit.

Conference Room Facilities

Schedule your depositions at any of our facilities or affiliate offices.

Customized Consolidated Billing

Ben Hyatt Certified Deposition Reporters will provide invoicing in a way that is beneficial for all parties. Many clients have specific billing needs, such as third party billing, consolidated billing, and/or customized electronic billing. Our billing system allows our clients to track overall costs, along with a breakdown by case, office, and/or attorney. Additionally, Ben Hyatt will schedule summary reports on whatever basis deemed necessary.

Interpreter Scheduling

We offer professional interpreters qualified and certified in all languages who are skilled in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting through our partner company Adept Interpreting.